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Solution 10688: Replacing the Batteries In a TI-30Xa.
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How can the batteries in a TI-30Xa be replaced?

The TI-30Xa uses two A-76 lithium batteries. Comparable battery model numbers include:

Duracell® D357
Eveready® 357
Maxell® LR44
Varta® V13GA

To replace the batteries:

1) Remove slide cover. Place calculator face down.
2) Using a small Phillips screwdriver, remove screws from back case.
3) Remove back case.
4) Remove discharged batteries.
5) Install new batteries positive side up, as shown on diagram inside case.
6) Run a coin across the reset pad on the upper right hand corner of the printed circuit board.
7) Replace back case, and then replace screws.
8) Press [OFF], [ON/C], [ON/C].

Please Note: The calculator cannot hold data in memory when batteries are removed or become discharged.


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