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Solution 10688: Replacing the Batteries In a TI-30Xa.
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Last Updated   16-JAN-2011 23:21:16

How can the batteries in a TI-30Xa be replaced?

The TI-30Xa uses two A-76 lithium batteries. Comparable battery model numbers include:

Duracell® D357
Eveready® 357
Maxell® LR44
Varta® V13GA

To replace the batteries:

• Remove slide cover. Place calculator face down.
• Using a small Phillips screwdriver, remove screws from back case.
• Remove back case.
• Remove discharged batteries.
• Install new batteries positive side up, as shown on diagram inside case.
• Run a coin across the reset pad on the upper right hand corner of the printed circuit board.
• Replace back case, and then replace screws.
• Press [OFF], [ON/C], [ON/C].

Note: The calculator cannot hold data in memory when batteries are removed or become discharged.


  • TI-30XA
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